Nissei - Film Capacitors
Nissei Electric Co., Ltd is an international company which manufactures film capacitors. It was established in Okaya city, Nagano prefecture in Japan in 1959 . We currently have 6 facilities and R&D centers in Japan and in China ; Hanamaki / Ichinohe / Okaya in Japan, and Shanghai / Yangzhou / Yichun in China. We have looked after the market in the United States, Japan, China and Europe. With our sales offices in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, and Hong Kong, we have formed our professional distribution network in the United States and Europe as well as Asian countries so that we are able to sell products around the world.

Nissei Electric Co., Ltd aims to produce a variety of products that meet both industry standards and customers’ expectations for quality side. In consideration of the environment, we increasingly aim at the green technologies and offer products with renewable energy sources and have determined to reduce impacts on the environment. Our products have been widely used in communications, lighting, power supply, electrical appliances, industrial products and other various fields.

Our primary commitment is to develop sophisticated slitting technologies for coated materials through focused research, innovative engineering, and high quality manufacturing. Our experts are continually researching new technologies, developing more efficient and advanced products, and providing consultations and test services for our client. Currently we are successfully making products with long life, small size and high capacity, which are used in the industry of new energy cars, solar power, wind power and the new LED light source.

We have rapidly grown based on "people-oriented" policy with well-trained employees and positive corporate culture. We maintain a speedy stock operation in our warehouses and factory-trained personnel to service our equipment in order to adapt for customer needs.Our goal is to provide our customers with the most excellent value, to reward career opportunities for our employees, and to contribute to our society in the long-term.